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I'm Emma Needell, a storyteller with roots in the Colorado countryside, where the vast landscapes of my family's ranch ignited my imagination and my passion for cinema.

My work traverses the intricate realms of family dynamics and personal struggle, often set within evocative, cinematic landscapes that mirror the internal worlds of my characters. From penning original feature screenplays for Netflix, MGM/Orion, Anonymous Content, Disney, and Apple, to directing award-winning short films, and to world-building an internet-native IP - my journey as an artist is marked by a quest to delve deep into emotional truth, exposing the raw and the real within invented worlds and myths.

As an writer, I am drawn to stories that are evil with a heart: dark in tone, with a throughline of hope. I aim to shed light on the darker corners of existence while celebrating the resilience of the human spirit. 

Repped By

Creative Artists Agency

Darian Lanzetta

(424) 288-2000

Anonymous Content

Nicole Romano

(310) 558-6000

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